Let’s face it…

It is almost impossible these days to somehow not be in contact with some sort of chemical or toxin, whether its face lotion, shaving cream, shampoos, bathroom/household cleaners, pesticides, preservatives…the list is literally on-going. If people knew about half the crap that gets absorbed into our bodies through our skin (*cough* roughly 60%), I bet a lot more people would actually start reconsidering whats around the house and what we are using. Unfortunately these days, convenience is the main factor. I am completely guilty of this. Its easier for me to go to the store and by a $3.00 bottle of all purpose cleaner rather than sit down and make it myself. That is why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to attempt to go full force and detox these chemicals and toxins from my daily routine and (hopefully) document the positive changes along the way. Maybe show its possible for anyone to do it, especially in this decade when there is literally toxins in about everything we come to contact with.

It’s Spring, I’m getting married in 5 months, and I’m definitely feeling that added winter weight. I am gifted with height but have managed to fluctuate between 140-150 lbs since grade 9. I wouldn’t consider myself fat, I love my curves, but I definitely want to tighten up before I take that walk down the aisle and I also don’t loose weight easily at all. It’s always unknown in the morning whether I will wake up with an upset stomach or not. I get horrible tension headaches and migraines due to my neck and back (which I see a chiropractor for) and lets just say that overall I don’t FEEL great. If I can impact any of these aspects in a positive way or change them for the better I’ll be happy.

So here’s the game plan…I will be changing 3 major aspects of my life. Fitness, Food, and Overall Lifestyle.


  • I’ve given myself a 3 month goal to be realistic, every month I will attempt to make the routine harder by adding 5-7 lbs weights, longer runs/yoga sessions, etc.
  • I am no expert and get winded after climbing stairs, so I will start with 5 min runs, 3x a week and add 2 minutes every week after, eventually getting up to a 30 min run
  • I plan to do a 10-20 minute yoga session everyday (to help my neck and back)
  • I want to mainly target my stomach, butt/legs, and overall core strength so I’ll be doing a mix of planking, crunches, squats, etc and then everyday further on adding a little more (I do this to keep myself motivated and make it seem like I’m doing more and more everyday to challenge myself).


  • I’ll be eating less processed food and less sugar
  • Eating organic fruits and vegetables (we have bi-weekly subscription to Organics Live, a local company who delivers a big box of organic food to your door step)
  • Ideally I’d like to get the point of buying our meat from a local butcher rather than the grocery store (my fiance is a meat lover so going vegetarian isn’t an option)
  • I’ll be growing and preserving my own herbs
  • Drinking more water and tea
  • Experimenting with different, healthy, recipes & drinks

Overall Lifestyle

  • I’ll be completely eliminating all household cleaners (all purpose sprays, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, candles, detergents, etc.
  • I’ll also be attempting to eliminate some cosmetic products like shaving cream, lotions, toothpaste, mouth wash, sunscreen, bugspray.
  • I unfortunately wont be able to go completely makeup-less or create my own as I know I wont be able to get the desired results, but I will be switching to vegan makeup lines that are more natural and don’t test on animals
  • Shampoos and conditioners free of gluten, paraben, and salts
  • Improving the overall indoor air quality in the house by adding plants
  • I’ll also be familiarizing myself with essential oils and their benefits

So there we go, that’s the game plan, as I said I am no expert…just a beginner starting out. I don’t plan on completely restricting myself, I believe you still need to reward yourself here and there. If I go out for dinner with my family, I am going to have a beer if my heart so chooses. If I wanna snack on some fries, I will (cause really..potatoes, am I right?). Regardless its going to be a massive change for me and my routine, but overall I know it will only benefit me in the long run. I think everyone loves the idea of living the hippie lifestyle but actually taking the time and making the effort is a different story. Hopefully it doesn’t prove to be as hard.


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