A Total Detox

Alright, so today’s the day! getting all the crappy stuff out of my house! Need a clean slate to start and don’t want to resort to using them. I have to admit it was actually a little hard to throw some of this out…you keep thinking you’ll SOMEHOW need it in the future or I am being wasteful for throwing almost full containers in the trash. In the end the thought I always came back to was that if I need, I will just have to friggen make it myself! Eventually I’ll have most if not all to do it. So here’s what went in the trash today


Pretty much, anything I figure I can make myself, like soaps, creams, cleaners, medications and even cosmetics went bye-bye. For some reason I don’t like the idea of putting something on my body that I cant even pronounce. Mind you there was some things I kept that are sort of a necessity until I get all the products, like toothpaste. Today I will at least be going to the store and getting what I can, such as a huge thing of vinegar, dawn dish soap, baking soda, oranges/lemons, etc. that will replace a lot of basic cleaning supplies.


In the spirit of detoxing I also purchased a glass water bottle infuser (stay away from plastics when you can) to try some “detox water”. Today I tried blackberries, cucumber, and mint (grown from my own garden!). I also added a splash a lime juice and threw it in the fridge for a couple hours to “infuse”.


And Voila! I just layered everything in the infuser and broke up the mint leaves a little to add the taste. I’ll be breaking this puppy out after my run, during my little yoga session.


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