Personal Barriers

This week we just found out an old friend of my fiance’s, passed away in her sleep at the ripe young age of 25, we unfortunately heard the news late but after hearing it we sat in bed for an hour talking about it. crazy right? 25!? In her sleep?! You never think something like that will happen to you until it actually does. I can be all cliche here and say life’s too short, but actually…LIFE’S TOO SHORT. On the ride to work the only thing running through my head was that you can literally put 150% in taking care of yourself and your family and you can still get hit by a car or potentially pass away in your sleep. Just. Like. That. For me, right there, I recognized that as a mental barrier. A personal barrier, I started to doubt doing all this because the only thing I was thinking is that I need to live life to the fullest! screw dieting, screw eating well, screw exercising, it’s your life!’s YOUR life. It was that quick for me to realize I was looking at it all wrong. If it’s your life wouldn’t you want the best for yourself and your family? Yes life’s short, and we really have no idea when we will croak, but ill still be attempting to do the best for myself and love ones. Even if it means putting in a little elbow grease.

It didn’t take long for me to realize this is going to be a complete lifestyle change, and obviously it’s not going to happen overnight. It will be little, slow changes here and there. And of course, with any lifestyle change there’s going to be countless mental barriers and doubts, that’s something I will personally have to deal with. I am such a routine person, breaking a routine is hard for me and I also have almost no will power. I wake up at almost the same time everyday and I get a Tim’s coffee before work or on any day off, that;s going to be hard for me to change. Overall, its about slowly adding things to those routines or altering them towards that lifestyle change.



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