The First Run

Literally was winded after a minute and a half, my heart felt like it was going to explode and after doing yoga for the first time in years…I realized how horribly out of shape I actually was and how I really am not flexible at all. Safe to say I was pretty discouraged. Huge wake up call. I’ll be posting some pictures soon to show my starting point and a few shots on yoga positions because I think it’ll good to see some sort of progress along the way, especially with yoga. I guess the point is we all need to start somewhere and we all need a base line. I just need to keep telling myself that this is my base line…

Anyways today’s detox water was Oranges (organic), blackberries, raspberries, and mint. What I love about my infuser bottle is that after I finish it I can just refill it again and stick it in the fridge for an hour or so and the water will be just as flavorful. So I can continuously use it throughout the day. Also my orange, which came in my Organics Live Box, literally almost looked like a grapefruit. It’s crazy to see the difference in your fruit and vegetables when you go organic. HUGE difference in taste and looks, seriously suggest paying the extra.


I also had a chiro adjustment today, so pretty much an hour after I was dealing with an insanely bad migraine. The biggest problem for me is my C1 and C2, which are the first two vertebra in your neck,where your neck and head meet. When I came home I tried this yoga video specifically for headaches and by about half way through my migraine was almost gone. It helped me a lot so I’m posting it here. I also used the sample I had of doTERRA peppermint oil and rubbed a drop into my temples. Honestly, it worked wonders and no Tylenol needed!



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