My phones been disconnected for over a month now, at first it was annoying and I really noticed how much it was always in my hands or how often I was always checking it. Now I can honestly say I hardly notice. I have WiFi at home and at work so I can still text important people like Justin (my fiance) and my parents or best friend when I need to. But I’m finding when I’m home I’m barely touching it anyways! When walking to work or busing I read, listen to music, or just sit with my thoughts and really…it’s not all that bad to completely disconnect and get lost in a chapter of a book rather than think of who’s on Facebook or who might be messaging me. I’ve been so much less stressed and content.

I figured my $100/monthly phone plan can go towards something more important. Getting rid of these unnecessary things and living a bit more simply one day at a time.

Found this today and thought it pretty much encapsulated the way I’d like to live my life day to day. Cheers Hippies.



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