Back to the Basics

Life can seriously get in the way, this week I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and lazy. We also established that Justin and I will be living on our own with no more roommates as of June (which is exciting and annoying all at the same time as it will be harder to save for the wedding) BUT I got promoted to full-time at work so things still seem to be working out in our favor. All in all this week was hectic and stressful…and when I get stressed or feel like I need to get organized, I make lists. I’m a HUGE “lister”, lists all the time. I have a huge book of to-do lists and to-buy lists. I find they help me immensely, so I thought I’d post some basic lists of products and accessories you might need to get started. Of course this will depend on how committed you want to be with living naturally. Some might only choose to swap out cleaners, others may want to do it all.

What I have been doing is trying to make a stockpile. Every few days or when I have the money ill go to the health food store or grocery store and buy a few things here and there. A lot of these products are super inexpensive (like a giant container of vinegar – less than $3). Some things may seem expensive, especially buying raw or 100% organic products, but remember that most recipes you’ll be making will be in smaller amounts and will only call for a couple drops of this, or 1 tsp of that. Essentially, you’re buying in bulk and if you are careful about your usage then most of this should last a while. That being said most cleaners and cosmetics will last up to a couple months anyways.


So far I’m learning that there are some things which are better purchased online (mostly – Free Shipping!) and the rest can be bought at the health food store, grocery store, or local Walmart. Some things you can buy at the health food store but you will find that they most likely over charge. I was going to spend $32 on 0.25 kg of raw Shea Butter at the store and after doing some research online I bought 1 kg for $20 from Amazon. Also, hit up the dollar store and buy a bunch of mason jars for storing your DIY cleaners and cosmetics. Plastics don’t mix well with essential oils, vinegar’s, etc. You’ll find that they will keep a lot longer in glass and also plastics are bad for you anyway! I actually bought amber glass spray bottles online because I just couldn’t find them locally and needed them for my cleaners.

Note: Items with a (*) indicate products you will most likely be buying often, so grab them when you can and stockpile.

table 1

table 2

table 3

It seems daunting because there’s a lot and I’m still slowly working on gathering everything on these lists. As I said before, it’s a slow process. But the idea is that once you have everything, you have it! Buy in bulk and stockpile. As I find better suppliers or cheaper options I’ll update and modify my lists.



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