Let’s talk about Essential Oils…

Because really…that’s probably the most important staple in every Hippies house. Essential oils take the place of perfumes, air fresheners, they are added to pretty much every recipe for DIY cleaners and cosmetics. In some cases can even be used medicinally. I’d like to stress I’m no doctor and also learning everything myself. I actually contacted a doTERRA wellness advocate and we went for coffee (she also happened to be an old, good friend of mine) and she answered all my questions and gave me a WEALTH of knowledge about essential oils and their uses: Essential Oils with Lindsay Loretta

So what are essential oils? doTERRA describes it as natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. What I learned (and loved) about doTERRA is that they source and collect their oils in parts around the globe where this said plant is at its highest grade. Oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally, but there’s a wealth of knowledge on certain oils and their proper uses. The way I see it, our ancestors living in the bush before modern medicine were taking plants and breaking them down and using these compound’s to help heal themselves naturally. Obviously essential oils shouldn’t take the place of modern medicine completely but I am definitely all for rubbing some peppermint oil on my temples to help my migraine rather than popping 2-3 Tylenol or Advil a day.

I’m prone to bad sinus infections when I get a cold, so I plan on purchasing a essential oil kit that includes a diffuser as well. If I can eliminate using nose spray all together to clear my air ways, I’ll be a really happy lady. Not to mention I threw out all my Febreeze air fresheners and sprays. Here’s a chart showing common uses for doTERRA oils. Keep in mind, when you have a little collection, it can be fun to experiment with different combos of scents in soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies, etc. You can get creative with what you like to smell. This chart rather, shows common health issues and how you can use doTERRA oils to avoid those meds and chemicals when you can/should.  Essential Oils can get pricey depending on which one you purchased and where its sourced. However most of the common ones can be anywhere from $15-$30 some going up to the hundreds. However with how often they will most likely be used (for myself at least) I’ll be purchasing a “starters kit”.

table 4


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