Small Steps

Its refreshing to me to think that I am constantly doing something positive or that I am working towards something, even if it is just small changes here and there. They don’t need to be big.

There was a sale on LED light bulbs that last 22 years, they were less than $2 each so we took advantage of that completely and replaced every light in our house with a new LED. A small change but with electricity costs rising, every little thing helps.

I also have been only accounting for one rest day a week…and I quickly learned, from hardly being able to walk up stairs and roll out of bed, that you really need one more somewhere in between there because OUCH. I was so fricken sore. Once my muscles get used to the activity and the routine I’m sure it will be fine but until then my muscles need one more rest day.

Working full-time is also proving to be a task because I’m finding it so hard to find the time to do fit in workouts or runs. Or I’m just so exhausted from working 6 days straight or a close and then open. It seriously drains you and on top of that the environment has been hostile at home with our roommates leaving. The real cherry on top of the cake is that I really stress eat when I’m upset or anxious. So these have all been things interfering with my new lifestyle change. It has been difficult to get on a new routine when it feels as though everything around you is changing. But, I’m also finding that it’s this new routine that’s been helping me stay grounded and motivated.

I’ve been noticing with me reading more I have been watching way less TV and movies. Having no cell phone plan and just using WiFi doesn’t even phase me anymore. It has all really made me focus on myself and my well-being rather than just what’s going on in the world around me. I’ve noticed I have been more focused on living in the now and appreciating small moments. I have been trying to be outside whether to relax on the hammock or read whenever I can.

I have also definitely noticed that I have been way more conscientious about how wasteful I am. I noticed we had a lot of organic bananas left that were starting to go bad so I made a bunch of banana muffins from scratch (which actually turned out amazing!). We also had a bunch of vegetables sitting in the fridge so I threw it all in a pot and made a big pot of soup. waste none right? Here’s the Banana Muffin recipe I used, they were so light and fluffy.

All in all, its been baby steps…going from working 25 hours and having 3-4 days off a week to 40+ hours with 1-2 days off a week has been the biggest barrier. Less time for cleaning, cooking, working out, even things like showering. You honestly have to MAKE time for yourself in a day and you have to make time to cook better food for yourself, and cleaning products. I finally made my first batch of all-purpose cleaner.


All you need is:

Quart sized Mason Jar or Glass Container ($2.00 at the Dollar Store)
Citrus Peels (I used lemons and oranges; lemons were only 0.67 cents/lb)
Vinegar (less than $3.00 for 4 L)

– Fill the jar 3/4 full with your citrus peels. Pour white vinegar over the citrus peels so the peels are completely submerged.

– Cover with a lid and set in a dark cupboard for two weeks. You might want to mark the top of the lid with the date in case you forget.

– In two weeks, pour the vinegar through a strainer. Dilute with two parts water to one part citrus vinegar. and store in a glass spray bottle.

The vinegar smell will leave when it evaporates, leaving behind the citrus scent. You can use any citrus, orange or lime, or add some herbs for you own unique custom blend. In the end, it cost me the same amount as a store bought all-purpose cleaner (around $3-$4) for all the ingredients and supplies and I only used a liter of vinegar which will give me maybe 4 bottles of cleaner in the end after its diluted. SO, I got 4x the amount of cleaning product for the same cost as 1 bottle from the grocery store.



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