Homemade Cleaners

It’s a whole new world for me and I’m completely shocked. After letting my first batch of natural all purpose cleaner sit in the closet for 2 weeks, I strained out the citrus vinegar, diluted with water and tried it out, officially. Like I said, completely shocked. I cant even believe I’ve ever been paying for department store cleaners and I’m not even trying to be dramatic! I’ll probably never use them again. Not only did my all purpose cleaner blow me away, but I made a natural bathroom cleaner as well which further knocked my socks off (pardon the corny cliche phrases). The vinegar smell evaporated away (which I was a little skeptical about), the citrus in the cleaner seems to just repel the dust, and the bathroom cleaner LITERALLY removed all the hard water marks on all my fixtures and the soap scum on the shower wall. That alone has been an on-going issue with store bought cleaners for the two years we have been here. To top it all off, no headaches from the nasty chemical cleaners and the cleaning power is just amazing. I’ve never had such good results with brand name cleaners and my own recipes costs a fraction of the price.

In trying to keep up with the routine, I made a whole new batch of all purpose cleaner (considering it needs to sit in the closet for two weeks). The idea being when I run out of this batch I’ll have another one ready to go. The recipe I used is in my previous post Small Steps. I also want to share this bathroom cleaner recipe cause I love it and I’ll probably be screaming it from the rooftops to everyone and anyone cause it was that good!

All you need is:

– 1 Professional glass Spray Bottle
– 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar
– 1 Lemon (squeezed)
– 1/4 Cup Liquid Soap (I used Blue Dawn)
– 2 tsp. Baking Soda
– 1-1/4 Cup Distilled Water
– 5-6 Drops of Tea Tree Oil (Optional)


Some Tips:

  • Use a funnel to put everything in the bottle and make sure to put the baking soda in first (I learned the hard way), when you add the vinegar it will react and fizz, wait for it to finish then scrape away the excess foam.
  • I added tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties but feel free to use whatever essential oil you’d like for smell.
  • Be sure to use distilled water for your recipes as the cleaner will last longer and store your cleaners in glass bottles (vinegar doesn’t react will with plastics over time)
  • You may need to let it sit and soak for a couple minutes after you spray

Now my fixtures are literally sparkling and all this stuff I have bought previously, so at the time it cost me $0.00 to make!


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