Indoor Herb Update

I’m so happy cause my herbs are doing beautifully! Since re-potting them they are so happy! Also the organic pest spray I made worked, no more aphids. So my oregano is finally starting to come back to life with a bunch of little leaves sprouting, along with my mint now that it’s finally getting enough sun. On nice days I stick them outside for the afternoon and when they are not outside they remain in that sun “sweet spot” in my office.


Believe it or not those stems were cut-off, little nubbies, now it’s like the plant is completely regenerating. My rosemary and basil are growing like weeds so I’m going to be freezing them in oil. I’m sure most of you know that old trick.


Honestly, I’m just happy they aren’t dead or dying  and that I am actually keeping them alive. Maybe I am finding my green thumb! I feel like I may actually be able to take on a few new herbs, and that’s a lot coming from me.


One thought on “Indoor Herb Update

  1. I’m trying herbs for the first time too, Hailey, although I just got them less than a week ago. Need info about the freezing in oil thing!! That sounds like an awesome plan.


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