Taking Charge

I’ve fallen behind, haven’t been sticking to my work out routines and summer means beer and pizza and take out. So now what? I feel unmotivated and I’m the queen of procrastination. My teachers in school always said designers like to work under pressure, its in our genes. Always waiting until the last moment to do something cause you know its now or never, do or die! And maybe that’s exactly what I’ve done here, because its 3 months away from my wedding and I don’t feel any closer to my fitness goals. So it’s time to kick it into high gear, 3 month countdown! 109 days to be exact.

Even though I am working 40 hour weeks (which I’m still getting used to) and my workout routines have been a little bit of a flop, I have noticed other changes. Going from being conscientious about what food I’m putting into my body to eating Chinese food and pizza, beer and sangria’s. You 100% feel like crap after, like for me full on tummy aches and all the horrible stuff that goes along with it. Also since cutting out unnatural perfumes and smells, I get a headache after being around them for a while. Me and my fiance were filling little bottles with soaps and lotions for favors at our wedding and the perfumes in the soaps and lotions were getting to me after maybe 10-15 minutes. Its crazy to notice these little changes that actually make a larger impact on your life than you thought. I was around store bought cleaners and soaps or lotions my whole life and now after 15 minutes I’m cringing my nose wishing I had some fresh air.

So even though they are little changes, I AM actually noticing the positive impacts these changes have had. Workouts have been a flop but feeling like absolute crap has at least motivated me to continue to make the effort to eat well and organically. Even my fiance has said hes noticed a huge difference in switching to organic foods, in not only taste but overall well-being.

When I woke up today I knew it felt like a different day, big changes ahead. Justin’s going on tour for half a month across Canada and the roommates are moving out the same day. SO, that means just me and the pups for half a month. That also means I am taking charge of my workout routines. I’ll have the time, the space, and no one here to stop me or distract me. Literally no excuses. As I was saying before, its a lifestyle change. These things take time and above all EFFORT. You have to make time for work outs and runs. You have to make time to create a healthy meal rather than just throwing Kraft Dinner on the stove because its easy and convenient. I am learning this all the hard way.




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