Setting Realistic Goals

Good morning hippies! I thought I would share this morning yoga video I did this morning. I follow this YouTube channel and I really enjoy watching her yoga videos because I feel like she explains things really well, especially for beginners. I’ve done this routine (within 5 minutes of waking up) a couple times now and I feel as though it has got me off on the right foot. Maybe it will do the same for you! There are many other videos on her channel for more experienced yogis as well.

As I was doing this routine I was thinking about all the things I was planning to do on my day off, what food to make, etc. Then I started thinking about what I have accomplished so far on my journey (it’s been 2 months since I’ve made any sort of lifestyle change). Along with that I started thinking about all the things I still wanted to do down the line. That got the wheels turning..I feel like all accomplishments should be celebrated, big or small, or else we are less inclined to move forward and keep on track.

I thought I would write out what I have accomplished in the 2 months so far (proving that it IS possible live naturally in this decade and society). Considering we are saving heavily for a wedding, we are on a crazy tight budget and we have STILL managed to make these changes.

What I HAVE done:

Detoxed/Uncluttered the House
This was step #1. I threw away ALL household cleaners and cosmetic products I didn’t absolutely need on a daily basis (until they could be replaced, like toothpaste, deodorant, etc.) When they are out of your house you have no way of using them, so don’t store them away somewhere for a rainy day. Also in the spirit of Spring, I completely “decluttered” the house, went through and cleaned out pantries, cupboards, closets, etc. of old food and items that were just sitting there. With every item I thought “Do I NEED this?” “Am I going to use this OFTEN?” If there answer was NO, it went in the trash. My house is so much cleaner and organized and setting myself up in an environment like that makes me stress-free!

Replaced ALL Household Cleaners
Pretty much the same day I went to the grocery store and bought vinegar and baking soda, both very cheap and both pretty much the two major items you will use when it comes to cleaning. I also bought a big bag of lemons and I had leftover oranges in the fridge to make a batch of all purpose cleaner (the citrus vinegar has to sit in a cool dark place for 2 weeks before use). Also Dawn dish soap is another item that will be used often. With the exception of essential oils, those are the main ingredients for cleaning supplies. Recipes and steps to make these cleaners are in my previous blog posts.

Slowly Switching to Organic Food
“Slowly” is the key word here, first we made the switch with vegetables by getting a bi-weekly subscription to Organics Live. If you don’t plan on doing this or its unavailable in your area, stick to AT LEAST buying food that’s on the “dirty dozen” list organically, as those contain the most pesticides. We have just recently switched over to organic eggs, butter, milk, sugar, etc. Switching to organic food will probably be the most costly thing out of this whole process but I not be afraid to say you will feel 1000% better. I personally notice a huge change in my body.

Switched to “Cruelty-Free” Makeup
Personally, I loved buying makeup and still do..I used to be that girl spending $200 at Sephora every month, but with the amount of saving we are doing I don’t have that added luxury. I thought if I am going to buy store-bought makeup I will at least make sure it doesn’t test on animals. Plus I have been trying to wear less makeup everyday anyways. After the wedding I will do some research on other vegan/cruelty-free makeup companies.

Disconnected from the World
What was once a $130/month phone plan is now $0! I completely cancelled my phone as I have WiFi at work and home. I found that I was constantly checking Facebook or had my phone in my hand, now I can put it down for hours and not think twice. It feels great to not feel so attached  to your device. Eventually after the wedding I will get a $30 talk plan so I can at least make calls when I need to but at this point its not necessary. I have also found that I have been reading A LOT more in my spare time.

Yoga, Yoga, and more Yoga
It speaks for itself. There are hundreds of free videos out there..headaches, fat burning, morning, meditation, etc. Even if you try to do 10-20 minutes a day. Most of the time 20 minutes flies by for me and it does wonders with toning and strengthening your muscles. Not to mention a natural stress reliever.

Making my own Cosmetics/Switching to Organic
Think of all the toxins that get absorbed through your teeth, arm pits, face, and skin alone. For the items I still have not yet to make (toothpaste & deodorant) I made the switch to organic. For items that I could change, I made myself. DIY face scrubs and cleaners are easy to make! I’m sure you have heard that coconut oil can be used for almost anything these days, well it’s true! I use it on my hair, on my legs when I’m shaving, face scrubs, etc. I’ve also been using witch hazel on my face as an astringent, eliminating my toners and makeup remover (not for the eyes I might add).

Food Prepping & Growing your own Herbs
I have been growing my own herbs for a couple months now and so far so good! Food prepping has been a new change for me. Its difficult with my 40 hour weeks but on my days off I usually spend them in the kitchen for a couple hours. Lately I have been pre-making my lunches and meals (which has definitely saved me money) and making ahead things like breakfast sandwiches for a “grab & go” meal.  The thing I LOVE about this is that every time I open the fridge there is something to eat and I’m not standing there contemplating on what to make or getting frustrated cause I don’t have the time to cook a huge meal. It also keeps me away from Tim Hortons or Macdonalds for a quick, cheap lunch at work.

Some TIPS that have helped me:
– Constantly think about restocking or creating a “stock”. If you are at the grocery store and you see a box of baking soda, grab it! its a $1.25 and you go through things like that quickly!
– Essential Oils will be your best friend, you can add them to almost any homemade recipe with cleaning or cosmetics. Just BE CAREFUL with the type you choose to use as some can be used internally and others are only for aromatherapy. Do your research and select a good grade, trust me it makes all the difference.
– Celebrate your accomplishments and set realistic goals. Not everything happens when you want it to, and a lifestyle change takes time, be patient!

So in the last two months I have made some major changes and still plan to make way more. All while on a very frugal budget, however in a way (other than organic food and essential oils) making the changes has SAVED me money in the long run. Its totally doable, for anyone.


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