A lot can happen in a not so “little” 6 months

Those 6 months were moving at a molasses pace to me and its probably because SO much was going on! Working full-time was draining and all I was thinking about was saving money to make sure we had everything for the big day. A friendly tip ladies, a year may seem like enough time to save and plan for a wedding but these days its not. At first I felt like a year would be an eternity and how could I not want to marry the man of my dreams sooner? By a month before the wedding when all the deposits were due I was ripping out my hair screaming “WHY did we not give ourselves another year?!”.

Guys, weddings are expensive and we learned the hard way. If it weren’t for our family the big day wouldn’t have happened. Accept all the help you can and don’t try to do everything yourself, we learned at the end it wasn’t a time to be picky and get that Pinterest wedding, it was just about making sure we had everything in general! (and trust me there’s a lot to think about and lots you can forget about). I was thankfully really organized with my charts & lists and I was able to keep on track with most things.

Certain things I refused to skimp out on and that was a the venue, food, and photographer. Literally everything else was DIY! I’m so happy we went this route because to this day guests are still raving about the food, the venue was already so beautiful it required very minimal decor, and our pictures are one of the only ways we can remember the details of our big day (and hey, we spent a lot to make it happen and had about a hundred mental break downs so why the hell wouldn’t we want to remember it right?)

Our “Vintage Steampunk” wedding was at Belcroft Estates Spa & Event Center in Gilford. I will rave about this place to anyone that will listen. They were so amazing and considerate with us. Even though I was sick and throwing up most of the day the venue made sure everything went perfectly. I cant complain about a single damn thing! They were perfect, it was perfect, and I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures from the day.

Flowers by Jazmine Johnston
Custom Dress by Maggie (Bewitchin Stichin)
Suits from EPH Apparel
Custom Bridesmaids dresses by Radical Thread Co.
Photography by Vanessa Marie Photography

– 09/11/2016 –

Hopefully my blogging absence can be excused. The last three months before the wedding were chaos and then after some deep personal “us” time on our honeymoon we found out we were expecting, which brought on another three months of my head in a toilet. Now that I am feeling more and more like my old self I plan to blog my pregnancy process for the remaining 6 months of my pregnancy and as I said…a lot can happen in a not so “little” 6 months.


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