Getting back on the Yoga Train

Its time to kick off the 2017 year right!


Today I am celebrating 107 days of pregnancy by starting to prepare my body and my muscles for labor. I am slowly day by day getting my energy back, and even though I am still throwing up once a day or so, I find I am able to get up and walk around. That being said I believe I can start doing light yoga exercises to strengthen the key birthing muscles in my lower back, pelvis, and and abdomen.

Yoga can also help with the lower back (which is slowly coming on) and it can help align your back and pelvis to make birth easier. Lately, because I’ve mostly been bed ridden for months and couldn’t get up and walk around for more than a few hours at a time, I’ve felt very weak and sluggish. Yoga will help to boost my energy and strengthen me without being vigorous exercise that is unsafe for baby.

The goal is do yoga, if not once a day, every few days for 10-40 minutes at a time. I have yet to fully appreciate yoga and its benefits. I never get far enough into it or dedicate myself to it fully to become a full blown yogi, but I want to. I’m hoping that the idea of a stronger and easier birth will motivate me enough.


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