Resetting my Reset

One thing I really want to do is get my eating back on track and kick my sugar habit, especially while I’m still a little early in my pregnancy. I want these good habits to stick and move forward with me even after the birth so I can teach and educate my child on a healthy lifestyle.

During my first trimester I was eating mostly soups, fruits, salads, veggies, teas. It was mainly because that’s what I could stomach at the time and I didn’t want any rich foods. Now that I’m slowly starting to feel better and the squeamishness has passed, I got excited and I started eating more fast food and take out. It was a “I’m hungry right now and craving this so I don’t want to wait to make it” mentality. Now I went from eating bland, healthy foods to greasy take-out. Its not only burning a hole in my pocket but I’m starting to notice I’m feeling like shit and sluggish day to day.

Another thing I’ve been having difficulty cutting out is sugar. I feel like I was getting a lot of natural sugars from the pounds of fruit I was eating the first three months. Now its moved to sour candies and chocolate (thanks to Christmas). One thing I’m happy about is that I’ve almost managed to cut pop from my diet completely. The most I can handle is a ginger ale here and there but even that tastes too sweet.

Its time to reset my reset. I just started prenatal yoga and holy crap am I ever sore today (so it must be working!). Now that I’m getting back on the yoga train it makes sense to get my diet on track again as well. Except this time I wont be limiting myself. If I want to eat I will, I will just be choosing the right foods instead. I am also on a mission to slowly minimize my waste production, so cutting out fast food goes hand in hand with that anyways.

I started to feel guilty because I knew my baby was just getting empty nutrients and it was all because I wanted convenience. To make it easier to stick with it I have divided my “reset” into 4 phases.

  1. Make a booklet or list of meals/recipes that are healthy that I would actually eat week to week (This should leave out the mystery and the painful deciding of what to eat everyday, resorting to something quick or convenient).
  2. Make weekly a list of all the food items that would be required to make these meals. (This should guarantee you’ll always have what you need to eat, no excuses).
  3. Start our organics live subscription again for weekly or bi-weekly organic vegetable/fruit deliveries. (This makes getting organic fruits/vegetables easier). I also found I was forced to be resourceful with fruits or veggies I’d get in the box. I wouldn’t want the bananas to go bad so I would make a healthy banana bread to not be wasteful!
  4. Buy bulk or from farmers markets (This forces you to eat less processed/packaged foods and limits your waste production).

The end goal is simple

  • to be eating organically
  • to be eating whole fresh food and avoiding processed all together
  • to cut back on my meat/grains consumption – focus on fruits & vegetables
  • to cut out sugar (pops, juices, candy etc.)

I am focusing my diet on a more plant based diet, but not cutting out grains and meats all together. This is mainly because organic meat is super expensive and we really don’t need to consume that much grains in a day anyways, you can get a lot of good carbohydrates from veggies and fruits too.

One issue that I know will come up is time. Right now I’m off work for a month so I have all the time in the world to prep and cook meals and when I am on maternity leave it will be easier (hopefully) then too. I’ll need to consider some “make ahead” meals or easy alternatives when me and hubby both end up working late and don’t get home till after 10 pm. Considering you don’t want such a heavy meal before bed as well. Another big issue for me was making my own lunch when I go back to work…never liked to do it but I will have to start to save money, eat right, and limit my waste.

A great documentary I watched that really motivated me was “Food Choices” I will put the link here but it is on Netflix for free to watch! It’s very well made and very informative.


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