Attempting to go Zero-Waste (Realistically)

I saw this video on my Facebook feed and I was so inspired! I’ve always felt so guilty about how much garbage my house puts out, sometimes more than two bags a week! I immediately thought, whats the point of living this natural lifestyle if I am still putting pounds and pounds of garbage out a month? Give it a quick watch, maybe you’ll be as inspired as me!

Even if I cant realistically be completely ZERO waste, I can definitely limit my waste production by more than half. It may more difficult to get my whole house involved…and then there’s an upcoming baby to consider!

I found some great zero waste blogs on Pinterest, ones that really simplified the process. From what I found and what I considered I could realistically handle, I catered a plan to my personal goals.

It really came down to these 10 things

Cloth Bags and Cloth Produce Bags

This will eliminate plastic grocery bags and produce bags all together

Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Travel Mugs

I find that this forces me to make my own coffee or infused water rather than go buy a coffee or juice, better for you and it saves on the plastic water bottles or coffee cups potentially ended up in the landfill if they aren’t recycled properly

Ditch the Plastic Wrap and the Paper Towels

Speaks for itself even though paper towels may be composted. There is Beeswax Wraps and even though its not plastic free – Silicone Bowl Covers

Glass Containers/Jars & “To-Go” Containers

Canning Jars, Spring Lid Jars, Glass Tupperware, and Stainless Steel to-go containers are all plastic free alternatives & the jars will be used to store your bulk foods!

Buy foods in Bulk or Grow your Own! 

Bulk stores and health food stores are becoming more and more popular. I found making a detailed list and specifically buying what you need is easier cause carrying around glass jars can be a pain, if you have your own vehicle it shouldn’t be an issue to transport. There is also the local farmers market to try out as well!

Recycle & Compost**

This is big. The paper and plastic containers that you buy from most foods can be recycled, so at least you are doing your part and its not going to the landfill. I find that 80% of my scraps are food related. I know I’ll be able to reduce my waste production by A LOT by starting to compost (This is a goal for when we move and have the outdoor space to do so). General rule of thumb, if it can be recycled or composted you are essentially living waste free.

Homemade Hankies/Tissues & Dish Cloths

I already use cotton/muslin dish cloths and tea towels which I wash regularly, but tissues was something I didn’t consider. Making your own is super easy and keeping a hankie in your purse can save you from using the paper towel in public washrooms.

Reusable “Lady Time” Products Try These!

Think about the waste and nasty chemicals in your feminine products! If you are dedicated enough there is washable pads or some ladies use menstrual cups depending on what you prefer. Every month you’ll be saving a lot from going in the trash.

Reusable or Biodegradable Toiletry Accessories

Using things like a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and a metal safety razor save these things from ending up in the trash.

Avoid Plastic when Possible

You need to be conscientious and active in thinking about the plastic you use day to day. It might involve some reprogramming in that brain, but once you get in that groove, it should just become second nature.

So even if you cant fully commit, doing any one of these will help in the long run. I will basically be attempting to slowly go waste free one goal at a time. I think in three months time I’ll post an update on my progress and hopefully be at my zero waste goal!


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