Phase 1 & 2 of my Reset

Me and my husband sat down and considered meals we already make and healthy meals we’d be likely to eat (with a little help from Pinterest). We came up with a list of meal ideas  and also a master shopping list. I thought I’d post it here for everyone to see or get ideas. Keep in mind this list is completely catered to our likes and food we prefer to eat. Also we prefer to buy certain things from the health food store while mostly everything can be bought at a regular grocery store if that what you prefer.

We solved the work lunches issue by meal planning and prepping. I will also be making a lot of snacks myself like granola bars and energy bites because what can I say? I like to snack!

Your own meal idea list with recipes you like can be posted along with a master shopping list and every week you can meal plan & know exactly what you need to buy to make it happen. Its all about convenience and making it easier!




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