Think Minimalist!

As if I haven’t set enough goals for myself in 2017, here’s another huge one. We are giving our notice Feb and moving for April (two months before my due date). Moving can be one of the most stressful things in your life, period. Giving notice, finding a place in time, packing, moving trucks, pets, unpacking…god even thinking about it makes me stressed. My goal is to make it as stress free as possible for everyone.

So why move? Roaches…thanks to our lovely next door neighbors, no backyard for the dogs or kid, and now we’ve been here for 3 years and our rent has gone up to the point where its just not worth the money. Oh and did I mention we are tackling mold as well? With a newborn on the way I’m not raising my kid in an unhealthy environment where I would be nervous to even put them on the kitchen floor.

So to try to make this move painless (or somewhat) I’m taking the opportunity to PURGE and I mean PURGE. It helps that I am totally in the nesting stage of my pregnancy. Going through all drawers, compartments, closets, etc. I’m going to be seriously cutting down our furniture collection (many hand me downs from the years of living on my own) and moving is the perfect time to do it. I wont pack something to move unless it will have a purpose at the new place.

Even though we have three months to prepare I’ve already started purging and packing. Starting this long process now and working on it in small spurts will make it easier and more manageable in the long run. Pick one room at a time and tackle it, if one room is too much just tackle one closet or dresser at a time. Spring will be here in just a few months so why not get a jump on Spring cleaning?

I watched a fantastic documentary on minimalism. It gets into how we are living in a consumer based world where people feel like they need to buy things to fill this void in their life. People think that stuff will make them happy. We have a perfectly good working IPhone but when the next generation comes out, we want it! Have you ever realized when the next best thing comes out we are suddenly so unhappy or unsatisfied with what we have? Minimalism focuses on being happy with the things you have. Less is truly more when it comes to minimalism. Minimalists were stating that as they purged and limited their housely items they felt less stressed and free. Everything they use has a purpose and brings them joy and realistically they have everything they need in the end. This is the type of mentality I want to be in when it comes to stuff. I can appreciate decor and how something’s only purpose is to look pretty, but of course there’s a fine line between just right and too much.

One thing that really got to me was that they were living to work. Living paycheck to paycheck by filling their lives with things they thought they really truly needed. Becoming a slave to that pay check just to blow it on unnecessary things. Filling the void in their life with stuff to make them happy. Its coming to that understanding that yes, while some things you buy can bring you joy, it really is only temporary until you get bored and want the next best thing. When you have what you need, not filling your life up with stuff, and appreciating what you have you can finally work to live. Save more money, travel, have more spending money to go out and experience the world. Its about realizing that you don’t want to be a slave to stuff anymore and that you want to appreciate what you already have.

If you aren’t going to use it, throw it out or donate it

  • Every item I picked up I asked “have I used this in the last 30 days?” If it has just been sitting there, it was tossed
  • This also goes hand in hand with “If you aren’t going to use it, don’t buy it

Everything Should have a Place & Purpose

  • I’m a collector, even though some thing’s only purpose is to sit there and look good for my personal gain, it’s at least organized in a nice glass display case for all to see
  • Think of a creative spot for cluttery things like books and DVDs
  • If you have 3 sets of running shoes, do you really use all three? or do you have your favorite that you wear all the time?

Organization Overhaul

  • Consider buying helpful organization systems like drawer dividers, shoe organizers, makeup organizers
  • Filing System for important family papers, taxes, old bills, etc.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of wall shelves, I have a lot of pictures and little knick knacks that fit perfectly on shelves (out of the way and decorative)


  • See if friends need doubles of kitchen utensils, flatware, or that sweater they’d always borrow.
  • Any furniture, clothes, and accessories that are in good shape can be dropped off at the thrift store so other people can benefit from them
  • Try to limit what ends up in the garbage

Simplify your Wardrobe

  • I managed to cut down my wardrobe by HALF by only selecting clothes I actually wear on a regular basis and keeping a few things like dresses, dress pants, for certain occasions.
  • Go through your dressers and closets and purge (old socks, underwear, etc.)
  • If clothes were in poor shape, they were thrown out (unfortunately)
  • If clothes were in decent shape they were put in a bag to donate
  • Look into Project 333, People are simplifying their outfits down to 33 outfits total and its working for them

If you are also interested in watching the documentary its here and on Netflix.
Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things


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