Vacation Goals; A 52 Week Savings Plan

Its a new year so its a perfect time to start a 52 week savings plan. Unfortunately Justin and I’s honeymoon to Cayo Coco fell through and we settled for a 4 day trip to Niagara Falls instead. Not that it wasn’t a great honeymoon we really did have an amazing time and did tons of things but, we feel like we really missed out on the opportunity to travel together. Niagara Falls was expensive and we spent a lot of money there keeping busy and eating out. At least with an all inclusive weeks vacation drinks and meals will be covered. I think its been over ten years since my last real vacation out of the country.

Obviously I wont be travelling pregnant and it will be almost impossible to go on vacation with a newborn but by this exact time next year the baby will be 6 months old and we would be finishing another busy year of Christmas dinners and visits. We are also currently working on paying off our debt so we wont have much extra money for crazy saving.

We found a really great 52 week savings plan to save $2500. That goal will actually give us the exact same vacation and resort we chose for our honeymoon (maybe without the ocean view room and first class flight). This savings plan is totally manageable with the weekly costs split between us, we both wont have to put in more than $25 a week. (Thank you Pinterest!)

af3be6a94e3f098fbcab2f7ced062793So this time next year we should be on a Cuban vacation, or at least that’s the saving goal. We’ve got a big jar and added our first $5 to it this week!


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