Switching to Natural Makeup Brands

To completely dedicate myself to a natural and toxic-free lifestyle I knew I would have to eventually switch over to a more organic makeup brand. At first I was just jumping from different department brands trying to find that “perfect fit” with not luck. I actually slowly started switching everything over to Tarte after reading they get their pigments from natural sources like berries and flowers and they were easily accessible to me at Sephora. I was surprised to find out that they are actually not natural so I was on the hunt again. I found some fantastic resources online. This blog specifically gave a great overview on most natural and cruelty free brands; 18 Natural & Organic Makeup Brands.

Keep in mind brands like Arbonne, Kat Von D, Tarte, etc. while they are VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE and do contain plant based materials and no animal by products still have a looooonnng list of ingredients, are NOT guaranteed GMO free, and are not using all certified organic ingredients. There is tons of loopholes in marketing and most of these come down to the term “Natural” or “Pure”. Do your research, ask for ingredient lists. The brands I have listed are actually proud to list their ingredients in their products and usually have a significant lesser amount.

The one downside to natural makeup is that its not so readily accessible. Most of these brands can only be bought online from US companies. Some are specifically from Australia and don’t ship to Canada. Also some brands are more focused towards skin & hair care rather than makeup. It took some digging and reading LOTS of reviews.

Out of the brands listed I found a few that seemed like they had the most potential as quality makeup brands. Variety, price, and shipping to Canada was also a big factor to me.

ILIA – Focus on Foundations and Lipsticks, Certified Organic Products, Fair Prices for decent sized products ($24-$44), Not much variety in skin tone variations and not a large spectrum of products. Amazing Reviews on the products.

RMS Beauty – Decent Variety from Face, Eyes, Lips, and Brushes but more expensive for smaller sized products ($25-$78). Certified Organic but not Vegan. Not many skin tone variations. Amazing Reviews on the products. (This brand contains a beauty oil)

Alima Pure – Better prices for full size products ($18-$42, with most products ranging around $24). Lots of variety in skin tone variations and a full spectrum of makeup products from Face, Eyes, Lips, Brushes, etc. Refillable Compacts. This brand offers a foundation sample kit for $24 to find your perfect colour.

Elate CosmeticsMade in Canada! Refillable Pallets and minimal plastics for the packaging. Good spectrum of products from Face, Eyes, and Lips. Good prices for full size products. So far the most inexpensive brand I’ve seen ($8-$28 with most products ranging around $20). Great Reviews and this brand also offers Face, Eye, and Lip sample kit for $8 to find your best match.

Vapour – Full size products but more expensive. ($25-$50) Decent spectrum of products from Face, Lips, & Skin Care (not much eye products). 100% natural. All products contain 70% organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and essential oils

So far Alima Pure and Elate are winning for me as they have the best prices, full size products, offer a cheap sample kit so I’m not shopping blind with my skin tone, and I’m even loving that elate is Canadian. I don’t wear a full face of makeup day to day as it is so I won’t need many products, mostly just a foundation (w/ contour/highlighter), blush, and mascara. When I get the products I’ll be a doing a full review on them! This is just what I’ve managed to find and my personal opinion when it comes to makeup (as we know everyone’s different) but switching over to an organic makeup brand is huge. You wear makeup day to day and it constantly get absorbed through your skin, mouth, and eyes. This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself naturally.



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