The Third Trimester

I’d like to say it just gets easier..some people were telling me they felt the best in their third trimester. Unfortunately you tend to get more and more uncomfortable day by day. I’m now 30 weeks along, celebrating 212 days of pregnancy, celebrating the magnificent life that my body is growing. The only good thing so far coming into my third trimester is that time is literally flying by now. In a short 10 weeks I will be staring into my girl’s eyes in awe of what I created and what I have been through. It really feels like there’s a huge bright light at the end of this long, trying, tunnel.

Our first doctors appointment after finding out the gender we found out she was in breech. It was a little worrisome but she has weeks to turn before we really needed to be concerned. In the end I was trusting that if I was meant to have a C-section it would be the safest option and I was totally open to that. Of course a natural birth is what we want but it really comes down to whatever the safer option is at the time.

I was also feeling SO sick, it felt like my first trimester all over, literally. Exhausted, nausea, back to throwing up multiple times a day…It was discouraging because I was only back to work full-time for a little over a month and I was STILL missing shifts, having to go home early, etc. I couldn’t possibly be this cursed right? RIGHT! Truth is, I still wasn’t finding a routine that was working for me.

It wasn’t until my next monthly doctors appointment that we found out I was insanely anemic. It was bittersweet to know that this was something that could be easily fixed and not something that “I just need to deal with”. So I altered my diet to include even more iron rich foods (even more red meat, even though I don’t eat it often) and I’m currently taking iron supplements. I can honestly say, even after only a few days I felt a lot of my energy return and I got some colour back in what was my pale and sickly looking face. We also found out that our girl is no longer in breech and shes head down, which is amazing news! As long as our little acrobat doesn’t flip back around between now and 36 weeks, then we can hopefully assume a natural birth.

My work and my doctor also suggested that I cut my hours down to “half shifts”. Along with taking iron supplements, THIS was the life saver for me. My job is unfortunately so physically demanding for an 8 hour shift that I was pushing myself way too hard and causing myself to be sick day to day. If I wasn’t throwing up on the bus I was throwing up as soon as I walked in the door to my house. As soon as I started working half shifts it was like a complete 180. I was no longer pushing myself harder than I could handle and I was no longer sick coming home. Lets be honest, when you are sick every morning no matter what..even the smallest bit of relief for the afternoon or evening make it all a little more bearable.

When it’s more bearable you can enjoy and take notice in the little things. Instead of little bumps, punches or kicks, she has full on squirming sessions in there. Sometimes I find myself just staring at my stomach watching her move and wondering what shes doing. She’s big enough that I can feel where she is sitting in my belly and I can even feel things like hiccups. Other then some random days of nasty back pain and my daily dose of morning sickness I have been pretty lucky not to have many other horrible third trimester symptoms. My squeamishness with certain foods and meats has completely disappeared! Except coffee…I was able to drink a cup of coffee a day through most of my second trimester but now I am just completely turned off by it. Matcha has been my substitute (Thanks to my best friend who has been supplying my tea habit). I am still FRUIT OBSESSED. While at the beginning it was a lot of apples and grapes its transitioned to melons and pineapples. I’m not going to lie I treat myself to ice cream and a good poutine from the pub every once in a while as well. I’m also going to be brutally honest and say that now that the weather is getting a lot nicer, I am seriously missing beer. Patio beers, a cold tall boy with dinner at home, you name it.


Some other news, me and Justin decided to (hopefully) do a vlog of the birth. As long as everything is complication free and we aren’t surprised with an early labor, then we are definitely going to try. It’s just getting closer and closer! I will be doing one more blog post about my pregnancy closer to full term.

A woman’s body is truly fascinating, the entire process and what it goes through from beginning to end. Creating life but also keeping it safe. Even though this entire process hasn’t been the easiest for me I am still so proud of what I have grown. I’m a little freaked out with my upcoming postpartum experience but I feel like it really comes down to me just being nervous about something I have never experienced before and only having an idea of what to expect. But I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband and supportive family to help me through it.


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