My Pregnancy: Full Term

Well this is it! I’m currently coming up to 38 weeks pregnant, I’m officially off work, and I’m officially full-term. Right when you think the day is never going to come, it seriously sneaks up on you! I honestly have no idea where that fine line was going from barely looking pregnant to looking like I was about to pop, because there was NO GREY AREA there. I either had to convince people I was actually pregnant or just laugh along with them that I was huge. “Popping” was an understatement. My bump felt like it came overnight and then every day after I was waking up to being bigger and bigger (and more and more uncomfortable).

I’m actually really grateful that I didn’t start getting huge until later in my pregnancy because it meant more time I could get around or more specifically just move in general. I also got away with only buying 1 maternity shirt. Don’t even ask me how I managed to swing that because I don’t even know somedays. I was able to re-purpose a lot of older, baggier, shirts as I got larger and dresses, skirts, and leggings were a life saver. I didn’t have to buy expensive maternity pants or winter jackets which was a huge money saver for me. Now that I’m at a whale status, no clothes fit, but I refuse to buy more maternity clothes with only a couple weeks left of my pregnancy.  

I finally understand what women mean when they are complaining about how uncomfortable they are in their last few weeks, because DAMN. Everything hurts, and I mean everything. My back and neck ache with a dull pain, my feet and face are so swollen. Getting up and walking around is actually so difficult. I could sleep for days and on top of that you are all emotional about being so uncomfortable day to day (thanks hormones). On top of that I still have random days of morning sickness and nausea.

I also went from not being able to hold down food and keep on weight to gaining like crazy. At my first doctors appointment I realized I lost 15 lbs from being so sick (I was literally the lowest weight I’ve ever been since high school). Every weigh in after that I was only gaining maybe 1-2 lbs every month. It wasn’t until my third trimester when my nausea slowly started to ease up and my appetite fully return that I started to gain weight again. In one week I jumped 13 lbs (keeping in mind a lot of that is probably water weight and baby weight). Honestly, I’d rather gain baby weight and eat what I’d like rather than have my head in the toilet everyday. So when my nausea finally slowed down, I didn’t hold back…If I was hungry and I wanted it, I’d have it. I was making up for the 8 months of throwing up and not being able to eat anything without my stomach turning. That being said, I deterred away from my healthy eating habits a bit. (When I said I didn’t hold back, I wasn’t kidding).

Everyone talks about “getting their body back” after having a baby. This is just the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I know I’ll be focusing on my newborn and also trying to squeeze in showers and meals for myself whenever I can. I want to focus on getting into a routine first with my child and my husband. When it feels like I have things under control and in a good flow then I can focus more on myself and my well-being. Breastfeeding will forsure help with weight loss as well, but that’s just an added bonus. I just want to focus on being a mom and I feel like the weight loss will come on its own eventually, when I’m ready, at my own pace.

I want to use the baby arriving and breastfeeding to kick-start my healthy eating habits again and get back into a good groove. This baby has a MAJOR sweet tooth cause literally all I crave is sugar. Pancakes with syrup, sugary cereals, peanut butter and jam…(are you seeing a breakfast food trend here?) I’m going to need a huge sugar detox after this. Regardless, eating well, breastfeeding, and doing things like going for a walk every night after dinner are all steps in the right direction and they will all assist in natural weight loss without the vigorous exercise or dieting.

Now its just a waiting game. The hospital bag is packed, the nursery is (pretty much) done except for the decor, and my doctor is currently on a beach somewhere south. We just had our weekly appointment and she checked me out. It looks like this baby hasn’t even started making her way down to the birthing position yet. So it looks like she will be coming right around her due date and not before (and I’m totally fine with that, even with how insanely uncomfortable I am).


There’s a light at the end of tunnel and I see it coming my way! We are both so excited to meet our little girl and both so excited for this chapter to come to an end. Probably more so me than my husband, but he’s been a saint throughout this whole process. Even if he was annoyed with me he never showed it. This will be my last blog post about my pregnancy until after the babe comes, its almost bittersweet!


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