About Me

Oh helllooo, thanks for anyone who has taken an interest in reading my posts. I decided to start this small personal blog for myself (mainly for encouragement and motivation), as I start this journey to live a more natural life. Meaning ditching nasty household & cosmetic chemicals and toxins, eating more organically, starting a fitness routine, etc. Essentially I will be turning my daily routine upside down, experimenting with healthy cooking recipes, DIY cleaning/cosmetic products, and further documenting my ongoing workout progress.

So who the hell am I? My names Haleigh, from Southern Ontario, Canada. I’m 24, graduated from an Interior Design program, and I married my best friend in September after three amazing years together. We are also currently expecting our first child. Oh, and I also have two adorable Boston Terrier pups at home. I love nesting away at home, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my family and being a dog mom.


I will be posting my trial and errors, information or articles I found useful or interesting, and my own on going fitness progress. I am a very busy lady and this journey will most definitely be life changing for me but hopefully it will encourage others to relate and take the first steps into living their life more naturally as well. Happy reading!